Monday, May 2, 2016

Well, Homies...

It's time to say goodbye to this blog.  It's had a good run, and I'm sad to leave it, but it's time.  Time for people to stop coming across super embarrassing things that I posted near the beginning of this blog's life.  And time for whatever this weird stormy background thing is to end.

Tomorrow I start a new life!  High school is over, and most of the friends I made there are somewhere on the other side of the globe.  College has begun, and I've had to learn to be a bit of an adult.  I'm grateful that I've documented the fun times I've had, but what I'm most grateful to have documented is the story of Bailey and I.  This blog has documented our friendship, our dating months, Bailey's mission months, and finally, it documented through our engaged months.

Though our story has already begun in some way, we start an eternity together tomorrow.  Eternity is too much to cram onto this poorly designed blog, so Bailey and I will be recording our happy forever on a new (still poorly designed for now) site:

So this isn't really a goodbye!  Just the end of an era.  And the beginning of our adventures as husband and wife.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I guess it is about time to show you all my wedding dress!  Utah Bride & Groom posted an article about it last week, so all the secrets are spilled anyway.  See our post here.

As the post said, I made my dress out of a shirt I found in Las Vegas!  What they took out was that it was from H&M, and from the clearance section.  I paid a whole $15 for it.  I'm proud of that.  They also took out all of my Tolkien references, but I might survive.

Making my dress was pretty easy, mostly because I didn't have to start from scratch.  I did have to do something about the horrendous pirate sleeves, and the fact that the shirt (which I actually think was technically a dress) only reached as far down as my shortest cross country spandex.  Luckily, our first stop at Jo-Ann's resulted in a fabric that matched the top perfectly.  Even better, it was pajama material.  I'm seriously one comfy gal in this getup.

Anyway, I get married in a mere two days!  Exciting!  Make sure you all stop by our reception for some quality pie and Italian sodas.  I'll get you in the wedding mood with these beautiful pictures done, again, by our amazing photographer Heather Ellis.  We are so happy with how they turned out, and highly recommend Heather!  Working with her has been a dream!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Single Saturday

Alas, my last Saturday of being a single woman!  Well, I guess I'm not technically single because I do have a significant other, but I am indeed not married.  Not much to celebrate, in my opinion, because I'd much rather be married, but it's still a good excuse to go hang out with the ladies!

So while Bailey was out with his man friends this morning (they went camping!), us girls went to the Tulip Festival.  Oh my goodness I've never seen the gardens so packed!  It was insanely busy but we had lots of fun.  It was so beautiful!

 As you do in a garden, we walked around for a while.  At the festival they bring in food trucks and vendors, so we ate Cupbop on the grass and bought some European candy!

Speaking of Europe, did you notice that SIMONE IS BACK IN AMERICA!  She just flew in last night for the wedding.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend, and I'm so grateful that she could make it here!  I just love her!

After the Tulip Festival, Kess, Simone, and I met up with Bailey for some Salt Lake City adventures.  We went to the Nihon Matsuri (Japanese Festival) put on by the Buddhist church.  It was interesting, but not really super interesting.  Just super crowded!  I'm glad we checked it out, the taiko drumming was cool, but I don't think I'll ever go back.

Simone needed to pick some things up from City Creek, so we dropped her off there (sketchy) while we went to take Allie's prom group pictures in the International Peace Gardens.  We got there earlier than them, so we walked around and scouted out some good picture taking places!

 Eventually they showed up... and this is how their pictures turned out...

Haha just kidding, a lot of them actually turned out really nice.  They all looked great and it was fun to spend time taking their pictures!

After we left the gardens we picked up some food for Bailey and ice cream for us girls, then we found Simone.  By then we were exhausted, so we called it a day!  And a fun one too!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Favorites Of The Past Few Weeks

KESS IS HOME!  You wouldn't believe how happy I am that this amazing lady is back in Utah.  I missed her more than I even knew, I started bawling the moment I saw her!  So don't mind our teary faces haha.

I got to spend a whole day with my good pal Desmond!  He and I went on a little adventure to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

He was hesitant to smell or even get close to the flowers.  He told me that, "bees will come out of the laffadills and sting my nose!"

It's bridal shower time!  The Holmes threw me the cutest party and everyone was so generous.  Bailey and I definitely feel showered with love and generous gifts!  After each present with a bow, someone put the bow on my head and at the end Bailey had to give me a kiss for each bow that was piled upon me.  Apparently it's some old tradition?

My mom, grandma, and aunt Jen also threw me a shower which was so fun!  We tied a quilt and ate a variety of salads.  So many people showed up, I was grateful for all of the support!

Other than finals, wedding planning/prep really is taking over my life.  It's fun, but I'm ready for all the hubbub to be over!  Haha, here we are scraping labels off of soda bottles because they are just prettier without them.

And here we are visiting the place where we will soon be wed!  We had just picked up our marriage license across the street, so we thought we may as well stop by.  What a beautiful temple!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Bailey Is All Grown Up!

Just kidding.  Though Bailey may be turning 19 today, I don't know how grown up a man can be if, instead of cake, he requested that his mom makes "worms and dirt" (crushed Oreos in pudding with gummy worms on top).

Though I guess his obsession with golf ages him a few years.  Do you like his new golfing attire?

The pudding was good, but I wasn't sure about the worms.  The textures didn't really go together, in my opinion.

To celebrate the birth of this amazing man, I bought him a super cute bike!  Mostly because I want him to go on bike rides with me haha.  He and I packed a lunch of Greek pitas and went on a ride to a park with a creek for a picnic.  It was lots of fun!

I just love this man of mine!  I'm blessed to have been dating him for over a year now, and I look forward to an eternity of birthdays with him.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Engagements (Part 2)

We got pictures taken in two different outfits, so of course I must share them both!  Again, these pictures were taken by Heather Ellis, who will also be taking our bridals and wedding pictures!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Engagements (Part 1)

We finally remembered to get our engagement pictures taken!  I wanted to wait until the snow was gone, but then we realized we needed our pictures done asap or else our invites would be out late!  Luckily we already had a photographer picked out, the amazing Heather Ellis, and we are so happy with how our pictures turned out!