Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Life In A Four Stanza Poem

Sighhh I realize that this is a rather lame blog so far. You got those blogging geniuses out there, that can blog up a storm, then you got..... me?
Well, don't you worry. I will post something very interesting right now. I call it "My Life in a Four Stanza Poem." Enjoy.

My name is Madi Riye
I was successfully born in May
I have a pretty decent life
For fun, I throw a knife

I love singing and reading
This morning my nose was bleeding
I really love to play my guitar
But I will probably never be a star

"The Posse" is my group of friends
I'm sorry to whoever that offends
You had better learn that now
For I shall talk about them, I vow

I drink an incredible amount of cran-grape juice
I used to have a friend named "Moose"
Maybe one day I'll be a mime
Thank Moses were out of time.

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