Monday, October 24, 2011

Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)

Today a Coldplay album came out that my friends and I (did I say friends?  I mean friend) were very excited for.  So, like we do with any album that we are both excited for, we made very nerdy and awesome shirts.  

Its a little bit sad how much we match, we are always wearing similar, if not the same clothes.  Well, not always.  We don't mean to, I promise!  Anyway, we were totally excited for this album, Coldplay has never disappointed us.

So, to the review part.
When the singles for this album "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" and "Paradise" came out earlier this year, they got me a bit worried.  Coldplay started out as just a British alternative rock band, but has become increasingly pop-eeh over the years.  Like, take their old album "Parachutes" and compare it to their new one.  My point is, their old stuff is more my style, I'm not really down with all that sparkly sounding stuff they put in the backgrounds of their newer songs.

Nevertheless, I found myself not hating this album. I grew up with Coldplay, along with Nirvana, Silversun Pickups, Death Cab, ect.  Those bands have pretty much made me who I am today, so I can forgive Coldplay for changing a bit.  Its really not that bad, I suppose.  Not good enough to listen to over and over though.  I heard the old Coldplay in "Us Against The World", probably my favorite on the album.
Yup, so I think I will stop there, to save you from endless boredom.  In conclusion, I say, that this album is alright, but if you want some REAL Coldplay, go for one of their older albums.  Have a nice day!

*Note: This album has been out for almost a year now that I write this certain note.  I thought I would mention that I have not listened to this album since the day it came out.  Guess I'm not a fan of it at all.

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