Saturday, October 8, 2011

The End Is Near

Who is ready for the/a zombie apocalypse?  I definitely am.  Being a reader such as I, I know exactly what to do.
This  book taught me that anyone could be or become a zombie.  INCLUDING YOU.  If you are to become a zombie, seek a cure immediately, or quarantine yourself.  Also, protect your nose. 

This book taught me always make sure that the heads on mannequins at K-Mart are not real, and if they are, RUN FOR IT.

Try not to eat people.  You will regret it.  Also, biting off people's ears is a great form of self defense.

So you see, I'm pretty much prepared.  My collection of deadly weapons is ready.  I'm thinking about doing it like the guy from Walking Dead. 
Ya know, the one with the crossbow.  Too bad I don't have a CROSSbow.  But that's okay, my bow will be sufficient.  

I really can't think of anything to add, I pretty much covered it.  So when or if the zombie apocalypse happens (whatever you believe), find me.  We will form an alliance. 

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emcrump said...

I think I'll get you a crossbow for Christmas.

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