Friday, October 14, 2011

Do As I Do, And NOT Do -Seijino

Today is my favorite (and only) brother's birthday.  He turned 16 (feel free to gasp), so I'm going to do a post about him!  I could do something really embarrassing, I don't think he even knows this blog exists, but I honestly can't think of anything.  So, I got some pictures explaining the seven greatest lessons I have learned from him.

1. Avoid Looking Normal In Pictures

2. If You Have A Free Moment, Sleep

3. Root Beer Floats Are Better Size XXXL

4. Grabbing One's Head Is A Fantastic Way To Greet Them

5. Short People Make Awesome Friends

6. Sitting On People Is Totally Acceptable

7. Making Fun Of People Is An Entertaining Pastime

You see, there is much to be learned from this Asian boy.  He is one of my heroes, but not really.  One of those people that you are like, "Wow he is totally cool, maybe I will stalk him, but I don't want be be like him.", ya know?  Except, I don't stalk my brother.  That would be creepy.

Its pretty funny, because Seiji and I are COMPLETELY different.  Yet so alike.  We get along incredibly well.  He got his license today, a day that we both have been waiting for.  Now we can go buy milk whenever we want!  I am so glad that I have an older brother.  Be jealous, guys.  Be very jealous. 

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