Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Or The Lack Thereof

I guess it was Halloween today, but I keep forgetting.  Its different now that I am an old lady.  It was a splendid day anyway, brace yourself for a lot of pictures.

We weren't allowed to dress up for school.  But of course, that didn't stop Noah.  When I went to seminary, all of a sudden he comes in dressed quite gay, as in, more than usual (hahaha. ha.  Just kidding.)  He had his pants rolled up with colorful socks, it was fantastic.  Anyway, this make me laugh pretty hard.  When some seminary teacher asked what was with it, Noah says, "What?  I always dress like this."

Then in communications we did absolutely nothing at all.  So I laid on the ground and took a bunch of pictures, figuring out what it was like to be really short.  Its not that easy, people try to step on you all the time.

Then we went to Jeff's (we gather every Monday).  I always locate his house with what we call his "stupid window", because it is so small.  So naturally, I had to get a picture with it.

Jeff's house is incredibly posh.  It was a bit frightening, actually, because I am not used to such posh-ness.

Your right, Jeff, that is a dog.

Of course the posh house had a posh arch thing.  Except, don't have Jeff take pictures for you, he is kind of terrible at it.

Then my mum came and got me and we went to the doctors to get flu shots.  But I got that mist stuff instead, I hate it when people stab me.  It is really hard not to stab them back.
I went back to Jeff's where we couldn't think of anything better to do than lay in the road.  It wasn't that great of an idea, though, because laying down caused that mist stuff to go to my mouth.  It tastes a bit strange, I spit a lot of it onto Jeff's grass.
When in doubt, get the chalk out.  This is where Kylee "died", so we traced her body and Jeff drew tire marks across it.  It was a lovely sight.

Then we went into some random guy's backyard (and front yard), for reasons that I don't really remember.

Then Jeff's friend, in whom I call "White Pants", came over.  Because of his white pants, I decided to be a British foreign exchange student living with Kylee, down to the accent and everything.  He laughed at how I said "true dat".  Apparently that is humorous in an accent.

Then we went to some lady's house for a science experiment with Jeff's friend and some other kid (who was almost dolphin hand worthy.  Almost.).  I kept up my exchange student act, but unfortunately the lady works at our school, and recognized me.  His friend didn't believe that I wasn't British, though.  What can I say, I am a fantastic actress.  Or maybe he was just stupid.  Probably both.

When the experiment was over, we were like, "Well, this has been awkward, see ya." and so we went and took pictures with their chickens.

So that, my friends, is how my Halloween has been so far.  Not too bad, eh?

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emcrump said...

Alright, that first picture, HILARIOUS. And I loved how Kylee died, but I wish it would've been by train instead.

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