Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Chalk It Up

Chalking it up: The act of drawing with sidewalk chalk.
Example: "Greetings, Xavier. Would you care to chalk it up with me today after work?" "But of course, Douglas, I would love to use sidewalk chalk in a way that is pleasing to the eye."

There are many different ways you can use chalking it up to your advantage.  Let me explain.

As A Tribute

Here, "chalking it up" is used as a tribute.  A way to celebrate two bands that need love and attention.

As A Declaration
 This boy, (Jeff, I assume), is silently yet loudly declaring how above average he is, to a point where his sheer awesomeness cannot be contained.

As A Friend
No longer must Eliza eat popsicles alone.....

To Make Fun Of People
What does Madi notice most about you?  Take a look. 

As An Advertisement
Some things are hard to ignore when you are stepping all over them. 

Well, my friends, that is "chalking it up".  I hope that I have enlightened you in a way that you feel inspired to chalk it up yourself (but if you ask, I will most definitely join you).


Trudy said...

You have the funniest sense of humor! I'm sitting here LOL! I love the exchange between Xavier and Douglas, Haha.

emcrump said...

You're hilarious Madi.

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