Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Granny's House

My Grandma is pretty much the coolest grandma ever.  As is her house.  There are so many things to do there! Observe.

Every month we have "Book Group" in which all of my aunts and some other random ladies gather and talk about books and other subjects of interest.  My friends and I go to listen to their conversations and eat food.

She has a merry go round, which puts our lives at risk each time we climb aboard, but is definitely worth it.

She has a cool swing.  That probably won't last much longer if we keep this up.

The preschool room downstairs is full of wonders to behold, such as these cubbies.  I like to call this picture "Three Asians In Cubbies"

There are many things to climb, as well as many trees to hug.

From this, you may have grown a strong desire to visit my granny's, a desire that I completely understand.  Rarely is there a quiet moment, which could be great or not so much.  The point is: never eat hard cookies.


RaFawn said...

I agree never eat hard cookies - becasue that is the only kind this grammy makes! Grandma Costco supplies the cookeis and yes I happily supply the house - I love the joy this group of friends bring into my life. Humm? Maybe I should put seat belts on the merry-go-round?

emcrump said...

I love your grandma's house. To death.

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