Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Hand.....Is A Dolphin

Despite the reference to a dolphin, this post has nothing to do with "Dolphining" (remember that?).  It is actually an older and more sacred ritual.

Having a dolphin hand originated from a very lame, yet insanely hilarious YouTube video that my friends and I watched last May.  In it, a kid says, "My hand is a dolphin!", in which my friends and I, being very young and immature, find completely hilarious.

Of course, like every great thing in history, it has evolved to something much more meaningful.

June 22, I believe, was the day that "My  hand is a dolphin!" took on new meaning.  My dear friend Kylee and I were at EFY, and we saw a very attractive dude (whose name shall not be mentioned), and somehow decided that either saying "My hand is a dolphin!" or the motion of a dolphin hand itself, would actually be saying, "See that fit man over yonder?"

Here Kylee demonstrates the dolphin hand maneuver (who she is meaning it for remains a mystery).

In cases of severe attractiveness, double dolphin hands might be necessary.

You see, this is a very useful thing.  Now you don't have to risk the awkwardness of the attractive person hearing you say, "Oh, dear friend of mine, look at that delicious human being in the distance," and instead, that person will just think that you are dancing, or that you really do have an aquatic creature attached to your body.

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Trudy said...

Well! I never knew that! Now I'll know what you and Kylee are really doing when you "dolphin" while we're out shopping!

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