Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hugging Trees

Yes I am a "tree hugger" in both my thoughts and actions.  I have yelled at three different teachers for wasting paper.  Literally yelled, I even stood up (two of them did change their paper wasting ways, but the other one just glared at me).  Yet I'm sure that a lot of people who consider themselves to be tree huggers don't really hug trees.  My case is different, of course.

Whenever I see a tree, I think to myself, "Is that tree worthy of a hug from Madi?" and after careful consideration, I usually end up hugging it.  

There is this tree at school that I hug almost every day.  There is a very ominous piece of gum on it that I try to avoid, but sometimes it gets a hug as well.  When we get bored at lunch (which rarely happens, thanks to Ethan), we go out and hug my tree. 

I apologize for the fact that I don't have any exciting stories about tree hugging.

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