Monday, October 3, 2011

New Glasses

I'm one of those girls who has several heroes. Let me show you....

Ben Gibbard. For those who don't know who this fantastic hipster is, let me enlighten you. You know that really splendid band "Death Cab For Cutie"? The one with genius lyrics and a singer with the voice of God? This is him. Not only do I respect his musical talent, he is also a decent runner.

You have got to know who this is.  But you probably don't.  Its Zooey Deschanel!  What do I find most fantastic about her?  Her acting skills?  Musical talent?  The fact that she married Ben Gibbard?  Probably the last....

Ahhh yes.  Cameron Mitchell.  Or, as I know him, "Beautiful Man".  He has nice hair, an awesome voice and is a guitar guru.  Oh, and he is beautiful.  Have I mentioned that he is beautiful? 
"Asian Annie", from last week's episode of Community.  Why do I like her?  I don't know.  Maybe because she is Asian.

Anyway, these are my heroes.  What do they have in common, I ask of you?

Their glasses......

And since I am one of my own heroes, I had better follow their examples to fit into this list.  So today, when I was looking for a new pair of glasses (My eyes are now -5.75, ew), I remembered these fine people.  I'll post a picture once they come.

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