Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Posse

About time I post about one of the greatest things in my life!  Let me start from the beginning....

Almost exactly a year ago (I believe it was October 21 or 23 of 2010), I drew the picture that began it all.

Since the time of this picture, a lot has changed.  It become simply "The Posse", dropping the "Of Fun".  We gained some people, and lost some people.  We even split into groups.  

The Neutrals are the heart of the Posse, the people that depend on this group of friends to keep them alive.    
The Anime Clan are the girls that have a passion for Japanese Anime, and are incredibly talented at drawing.  
Kirsten's Group are the people that hang out with Kirsten, only two of them are currently belonging to the Posse.
The Outcasts are the people that we consider as part of the Posse, but they are not very "active" members.

So who is in the Posse right now?  Thanks for asking.

Madi, The Leader (Neutral)
What can I say?  I'm pretty much the leader of this group, and nobody denies it.  Mostly because I am the only one that plans things.

Kylee, The Adviser (Neutral)
This girl is practically my sister, and keeps me sane.  But obviously does a crappy job at it ;)  I don't know what I would do without her.  It is rare to see us apart.

Eliza, The Llama Lover (Neutral)
This woman is just fantastic.  She has a lovely taste in music, and is super stylish.  She helps run the Posse, providing ideas and such.

Kate, The Insanely Musically Talented One (Neutral)
This chick has the voice of a....whatever has a great voice.  And she plays guitar fantastically.  And piano!  She is pretty much great at everything, actually.  Including sitting in boxes.

Jeff, The Stubby Elbow Licker (Neutral)
We keep him around to lick elbows, both his own and stranger's.  Oh, and we love him!

Leanne, My Asian "Cousin" (Neutral)
Everyone thinks that we are cousins, and we practically believe it ourselves.  Unfortunately, this awesome Asian chick (who has an INCREDIBLE singing voice), moved to Kansas.  But guess what!?  She visited today.  It was awesome. (Read more about here visit here)

Ethan, The Entertainer (Neutral)
This kid has no shame.  Every day at lunch we follow him around to see what strange thing he does next.  He is the founder of dolphining, ghosting, bowing, and much more.  Today while my friends and I were at Wendy's, he offered a prayer.  So, we prayed.  It was hard not to laugh.  He is the funniest kid ever!

Chanel, The Organic One (Anime Clan)
This hot lady that can draw like a wizard is one of my closest friends, I love her a dang lot.  We used to have our own "show" called the "Chanel And Madi Show".  But please, lets not remember those *shudder*.

Sami, My Twin (Anime Clan)
It is safe to say that half the school thinks that we are twins.  Despite what this picture may suggest, Sami does not have blue eyes or glasses.  Being Asian, she is INCREDIBLY talented at many things.  Especially drawing.

Megan, The Other One With Yellow Hair (Anime Clan)
Unfortunately I do not know this girl very well.  But she seems pretty hilarious!  I often hug her head, just for kicks (and giggles, of course)

Kirsten, The One That Likes Boys A Lot (Kirsten's Group)
Oh man, I love this woman.  We became friends long ago, due to our mutual love for musicals.  And LOST. 

Alyssa, The One I Don't See As Much As I'd Like To (Kirsten's Group)
I met this lovely lady many years ago in the smart kid's class (actually, that is where I met most of the Posse).  She is pretty awesome!

Noah, The Thespian (Outcast)
He doesn't hang out with the Posse all that much, because most of his time is spent with his groupies (oh Noah, you know its true), but I appreciate his existence anyway.  Not to mention, he has a really fantastic taste in music.  So fantastic, that it is just like mine.

Josh, The Strangest Kid You Will Ever Meet (Outcast)
Nobody knows what goes on in Josh's head.  Here, he is licking a total stranger's car.  Don't ask.  I very much appreciate his existence, though, and wish that he wasn't in high school.  That is why he can't hang out with us.

So, my friends, that is the Posse.  As Kirsten puts it, "[the] stupidest people you may ever meet. also the funniest, and coolest,,, and most beautiful!! ;)"  That pretty much sums it up.

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