Friday, October 7, 2011

Suck It Up And Run

Today marked the end of my cross country season, with Region Championships (our girls got first place, by the way :).  I thought I was ready for it to be over, but now I am a little sad.  Anyway, some may find it strange that we run for fun, but there are a lot of different reasons to join the cross country team.  Here is yet another one of my lists.
Reasons To Join The Cross Country Team

1.  There is food.  Lots and lots of food (and people that take pictures of you with food in your mouth)

2. Sometimes you get to slap paint on each other.  Then run 10 miles (mostly uphill).
3. You get inspirational pep talks.

4. There is a ton of people on the team, including fit men that find that wearing a shirt is an unnecessary habit.

5. You make a ton of friends.  And you get buff and tan.

So you see, sometimes a lot of work and pain is worth it. (but not usually)


emcrump said...

This makes me want to join cross country...almost. But I don't know if I could ever respect these guys again after seeing them in these very short shorts.

Kenzie said...

yes yes yes everyone please join! sometimes i even wonder if they own a shirt :)

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