Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ceremonials (Florence + the Machine)

Florence + The Machine's new album "Ceremonials" was released in the U.S. today, an occasion that of course Kylee and I must celebrate with homemade shirts.  I think they turned out pretty good.

Now to the review part.  I decided to listen to it while cleaning my room.  About three seconds into the first song, "Only If For A Night" I was like "screw this" and I paused it, threw on my green pants and set off on a walk in the freezing cold.  I listened to half of the album on that walk.  It was a holy experience, I tell you.  Passersby were probably looking at me strangely thinking "Why does that chick in green pants look so enlightened?" or "Why are her eyes closed?"  Don't worry, my eyes weren't closed the whole time.

The second half I listened to while sitting in my dark closet.  Why?  Florence has this incredible quality that can make anything creepy, and sitting in a dark closet just enhances that.

Florence + The Machine has been one of my favorite bands for quite a while, and I have been so excited for this album.  What I like most about Florence is that she is very different.  Who else has songs about cutting out people's eyes and building coffins?  Don't answer that question.

The songs on this album are pretty long, like 5 minutes each.  With any other artist, that would bug me, I think that about 3 minutes is perfect.  I have once encountered a 14 minute song in which I have failed to listen through all the way.  But Florence could do 30 minute songs and I would not get bored.  This album had some things on it that made it different than Lungs.  The beginning of "Breaking Down" surprised me.  Doesn't it sound like something She & Him would do?  I like it nonetheless.  And I can't get over how much I love her voice!  She could be saying the pledge of allegiance, and I would be in a trance.  Though I doubt I would get that privilege, with her being European and all.

One of my favorites so far is "No Light, No Light".  I wish it was just named "No Light", though, that would save a lot of time.  "Lover To Lover" is fantastic too (there she goes again with the double words).  "All This And Heaven Too" is equally as genius.  I'll stop telling you my favorites, because actually all of them are on that list.

I don't think that I will be able to stop listening to this album for quite a while.  I think that it should have come out yesterday.  Being Halloween, it probably would have helped a lot of people get in a somewhat scary mood.

I will end there.  You should probably go buy this album IMMEDIATELY.  If not, feel free to come over and drink cran-grape juice while sitting on my floor listening to this.  Because that what I will be doing for the next 63 days or so.

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