Friday, November 4, 2011

Choir Festival, And Other Things

Today was one of those days where you are not like "wow life sucks", but more like one of those days that you're like "wow life doesn't suck".

To have a good day, you must look like you plan on having a good day.  So of course, we dressed accordingly.

Hot, I know.  Then we got on the bus to go to our festival thing.
We saw many strange things, including:

After the festival (in which we did amazing at), we went to Wendy's, where the line was really long.

We were soon joined by some kid that I don't know.  At all.

And then, on the bus ride home we found out that a kid in our choir is Brandon Flower's (the singer of the Killers) nephew.  I am considering marrying him just to be his law.  Hes the one on the left by the way.  I don't know the other kid.  Maybe his uncle is famous, too.

Once we returned to our school (just in time for A4, unfortunately), I was ready to get out of my classy parachute pants.  I was so ready, I just pulled them off while walking down the hall.  Don't worry, I was wearing my ninja pants underneath. 

It is interesting wearing socks with flats.  Anyway, after school I didn't want to go home, and neither did Kylee.  Not a problem.  We went into our favorite teacher's (Madame Harmon's) class, turned on the She & Him Christmas album, and had ourselves a nice dance party amongst unaware children.

After about an hour or so of dancing and laughing with the coolest science teacher in the world (she said she was going to kick our "masses", is that not the funniest thing in the world?), we went and visited an old pal of mine.

Bahaha.  Its my sculpture that I didn't put any effort into.  Yet my art teacher put it in the display case (I assume that is due to the fact that these three are the only ones finished).  It was supposed to be Ben Gibbard, but turned into some Jamaican hippie demon along the way.

We went and talked to our fantastic choir teacher, Mrs. Tea for a while, then we went to Kylee's where we did absolutely nothing at all.  As usual.

We just laid around, talking.  We watched some episodes of New Girl that we had both seen several times already, and did some quality facebooking.  Then we decided to go to the school play.

Pretty much the only reason we went is to laugh at our friends in tights.  

Noah, if you are reading this, let me remind you that I want those tights when you are done with them.  Dead serious.  Unless you plan on using them, of course.

Then I hugged some random people that I love.

After the play, we made Kylee's mum pick us up and take us to some frozen yogurt place.

They had very nice chairs.  And spoons.

We soon returned to Kylee's house where I pretended to be British once again while on the phone with.... I don't know who I was on the phone with.  Her sister's friends just kept handing me phones

The evening ended with me trying to teach Kylee a song about red shoes on the guitar.  I think it went well.

That is it, my dear readers.  You have a good weekend.

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