Saturday, November 19, 2011

Favorites Of The Week: Pictures

I take a lot of pictures.  A lot.  So today, when I said to myself, What are my favorites of the week?  I immediately thought about some of the great pictures that have taken place this week. 

I made this lovely shirt in communications class this week.  It is insane how proud I am of it.  If you are wondering, and I am sure that you are, it says "Beirut".  Yes, I know it is a place, but I am referring to the band.  Actually its just one guy, but whatever.

 Somebody always brings a camera to monday Posse Gatherings, and I love it.  Jeff got this picture of Ethan, Chanel, Kylee, and I and I think that the angle is so cool.  And the sky was perfect.

 This was actually taken in 8th grade, I think.  But Eliza just posted it this week, and I was like "WOAH!"  Because it is perfect.  I mean, I look possessed, and Kylee looks scared.  This could be the cover to a horror movie.

Two of my very best friends and I on an old lookin' tractor.  How could you not love it?  Not to mention, I am proud of that shirt that I was wearing as well, because I made it.  The eye of Horus, bros.

During Chinese class, we were filming videos about our families.  Kylee, Noah, and I were in a group, and we got done quickly enough.  What did we do with all the extra time?  Well Noah told us that he could plank on the door.  I don't think that it really worked, I blame it on the lack of space.  Its like these doors were made to discourage kids from planking on them.


And that is pretty much the story of this week.  Other than this stuff, I have also been singing, hanging out with Chanel, thrifting, tie-dying, and Christmas shopping.  I really love Christmas shopping.  I also got to wear sweats to school yesterday, it was pajama day.  Yup, so I think I will go do some laundry now.  That sounds fun, eh?

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