Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flex Time Is The Best Time (Pretend It Rhymes)

Oh flex time.  What is that you ask?  Is it some daily ritual in which I stand in front of the mirror and check out how buff I am?  Precisely.  Sometimes.

But no, it is pretty much just a 30 minute recess for the smart kids.  For the not so smart kids, its not that great because they just have to go to classes that they are not doing too well in.  Of course, I am one of the smart kids, so I get to do a variety of things during flex.  Such as....

Hang Out/Have A Dance Party With Madame Harmon
 Kylee's little sister failed to include Madame Harmon on this picture, but all is well.  Just imagine a teacher to my right, wearing TOMS and and cardigan, and you get the picture.  She has an awesome taste in music, and the same sense of humor as Kylee and I.  So naturally, we are like the three amigos.  Or musketeers.  Whatever.

Trade Shirts With Your Friend (Or Anyone, For That Matter)
 He tried to steal my shirt.

Do Nothing In The Guitar Closet
 The choir teacher lets my friends and I sit in there and do nothing all the time, completely unsupervised.  It is great fun, we listen to music, eat Asian candy, and sometimes borrow the guitars of unwary victims.

Laugh At Noah
His sweater shrunk, so I told him to tuck it in so that he can be cool like Kylee and me.  He did, as you can see here.  Then he pulled what he called a "stripper pose".  Then Mrs. Tea made the three of us dance to Christmas music (which consisted mostly of hair flipping).

See What You Would Look Like With Facial Hair
 With the help of flex time and sticky felt, the possibilities are endless.

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