Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Future Life: If I Grow Up

Sunday again.  What does that mean?  Probably that I have no inspiration from doing absolutely nothing all day, therefore I have nothing to blog about.  So I decided to tell you about the future that I have planned for myself.  Am I being serious?  More or less.  Definitely more.

First I plan to go to college in Seattle and marry some random Asian guy that I find there who has really nice hair and an even nicer taste in music (he also has to wear cardigans, but mens style is a discussion that I will save for later).

Then, after traveling the world together, we will possibly have some kids.  But only two.  They will be named really fantastic names, like Lydia Mae and Oliver Ben, or something of the sort.  And don't worry, my husband will be totally down with it, because he is just that cool.

Our children will be raised in a very interesting environment.  My husband and I will speak only in British accents at home, in hopes that our kids will get accustomed to it and speak like that as well.  We will only use chopsticks, and our children will take music and martial arts lessons from a very early age.

I will work as a piano, guitar, and voice teacher by day, and a ninja by night.

Our house will be the coolest house ever.  There will be a spiral staircase in the middle of the family room that leads up to a giant library filled with young adult science fiction and fantasy (my husband will also be a reader, you see). 

Not only will our house be cool, but the whole neighborhood would be!  The whole Posse is going to live in one big cul-de-sac, I decided, whether they like it or not.  Think how nice it would be to have the ability to barge into your next door neighbor's house and yell, "GIVE ME SOME VANILLA, WOMAN!" when you run out of that essential baking ingredient.  All of our kids could become best friends and form some lame group of their own!

In the middle of our Posse neighborhood circle would be a very ominous looking shed.  It would look rather small from the outside, but on the inside it would be giant (like that tardus thing from Dr. Who).  What would be in that shed, you ask?  Well it would be split into two sections.  One would be an armory, full of deadly weapons, in case of a zombie apocalypse.  The other half would be filled with every instrument imaginable, including the jaw harp.  In that shed we would gather to practice using all different kinds of weapons, or create beautiful music.

And there I will live my life, until die.  Which I will when I am 200 years old and still have long dark hair.


Trudy said...

Wow. That is quite the future. I love the "If" I grow up rather than "when" I grow up. Awesome. Hope all your dreams come true! :D

RaFawn said...

I love this plan! In this future – your grandma (me) will live near, her garden will grow beautifully so your two children can come and practice their many talents. I will have bionic knees, ankles and hips, so if the “GREAT” grandchildren want to practice their many ninja moves, I can assist. I will be watchful - so there will always be a never ending supply of chocolate cake on the counter “under the glass” and your Mum will become grandma (Hee-hee, this gives me joy!) Oh it will be fun! However if perchance I leave this world before you reach the age of 200 or before your babies are born – rest assured, I will still have a garden, I will still live near and be watchful. I will kiss each child as they leave Heaven to come to your arms and oh yeah – before they are born we will have chocolate cake, and Wow! My knees, ankles and hips will be “heavenly” Rest assured we will work on those ninja moves, music lessons and important talents before they are born. So either way – sigh - I am blessed. Love you Madi… Love Grandma Rogers

Madi Riye said...

Grandma. Stop making me cry. I love you too!

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