Sunday, November 20, 2011

Posse Movie Night (With Ben)

Last night Chanel hosted a Posse Movie Night, in which I was quite excited for.  I decided to take Ben along, and show him the ways of the Posse.

Chanel, Kylee and I all wore our freshly tie-dyed shirts.  Pretty psychedelic, eh?

Ben was just hangin' out on the couch.  Thanks, Jeff, for dressing him.

We decided to take him on our quest for pizza.  He danced to the music with us.

We also had him stare at very frightened victims.

We finally reached our destination.  And got many strange looks.

We finally settled down to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox.  It was fantastic, as usual.

Yet another exciting Posse Gathering.  We all started going a little crazy near the end of it, with me talking to myself and Jeff telling his deepest darkest secrets.

Anyway, I hope that y'all had a good weekend.  Thank Moses Thanksgiving break is this week.  Now I must go and study for a biology test.

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