Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Solutions To Everyday Problems

I have some very useful advice for you today.  What it is, is that when you are faced with a problem, sometimes it is best to to think like a 3 year old, because occasionally the most simple of solutions are the most effective.  Does that make sense?  Well, here are some examples.

Do you have a dog, as well as a dog door?  Does your dog, being pretty much blind, run into the curtain while trying to get outside?  To solve this problem, you must channel your inner kindergartner, like my mum did.
Simply cut a hole in your curtain, and VIOLA!  Your problem is solved.

Does your basement smell strange, as if there was a dead whale down there?  Do the air fresheners just add to the odor?  Well, my dad had a solution for that.....
By cutting a hole right through your house, any unwanted odors are free to leave.  It is also suggested that you draw an extra circle with permanent marker, for artistic reasons.

Very clever, eh?  I must agree.  But when cutting a hole doesn't help, sometimes duct tape could be the answer.  Like how my mum used it to fix the cup holder in our car.

No longer must our beverages fear for their safety.

So next time you are in a pickle, say to yourself, "What would Madi and her family do?", and the answer shall come to you. 

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Trudy said...

Haha. Even though I see these every day I still cracked up laughing when it came to the duct tape! But hey, whatever works. Love this post!

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