Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrifting Myths Put To Rest

I have been meaning to post about thrifting for quite a while now.  So after a long, hard day of singing, singing, and drinking orange juice with cardboard pieces in it, I decided that I shall finally post about one of my favorite sports.


You may say, "Oh Madi, you fantastic music guru, thrifting is not a sport."  But like a sport, it is tiring and hard, but fun and definitely worth it in the end.  Here I am to put to rest some thrifting myths, and provide you with the absolute truth.

Myth: Thrifting Is Totally Disguising
You know, this one is probably not a myth, because thrifting can be a little gross.  But, dude, if your buying clothes (at incredibly low prices, might I add), just send em through the washing machine.  Not a problem.  Taking a shower after you thrift probably isn't a bad idea either.

Myth: Thrifting Is For Unstylish People
"WHAT?!" is what I say to that assumption.  Why?  Because I consider myself to be rather stylish, actually, and I thrift.  And some of my most stylish friends thrift as well.  I mean, where do you think we got these beauties?  Thats right.  A thrift store.

Myth: It Is Not Worth The Time
THAT IS A MYTH, MY FRIENDS!  Though it may take a really long time, and you might not find anything, you just might find something that you really love.  I always find something awesome, though, it seems.  Such as this jacket, which I found a few weeks ago, and its pretty much my favorite now.

Yay for cheesy pictures taken on Thanksgiving.

Myth: Thrifting Is For The Poor
I beg to differ!  That is like saying that only poor people should recycle, because recycling is what thrifting is to me, pretty much.  I don't think that it is a bad thing to wear second hand clothes at all, in fact I greatly enjoy it.  Like, maybe my jacket was worn to something great like a concert or a book signing.  Or maybe someone died in it....

Though there are many other thrifting myths, I am much to lazy to tell you them.  Anyway, you should try thrifting some time in your life, you may find that you are a master at it.  Just remember my trick that never fails.  If it looks funny, try it on.  If it still looks funny, buy it.

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