Friday, November 11, 2011


Velcro.  The solution to anything and everything, according to my dad.  Since the day that he discovered velcro comes in strips, he has used it for many different things.

His favorite kind of problem to fix with velcro are ones that involve remotes, and other similar objects.  Like in this picture, where he used velcro to fasten a remote to my brother's stereo onto the back of his steering wheel.

This way, when he wants to change the song, he doesn't have to move his arm at all, he just needs to press a button that is already underneath his finger.

Velcro is also attached to his phone, so that he can see who he is ignoring when someone calls him.

He has also put in remotes for our lights, and stuck them to our bed posts.

My favorite, though, is something that I just found the other day.  I was looking for the little apple remote thing, when I saw it underneath the normal TV remote.  So I picked up the remote for the TV, and BEHOLD!  This is what I discovered.

Losing remotes shall no longer be a problem in this household.  
Velcro can also be used to attach many things, such as


My dad loves velcro so much, he even found it worthy to put on the love of his life

So next time you are in a "pickle" (or any other vegetable related problem), think to yourself, "What would Madi's dad do in this situation?"  and then proceed to buy some velcro.  Best of luck.

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