Thursday, November 3, 2011

English Assignments

Life is so good when you don't have a biology test to study for.  That is what I was doing yesterday, I studied for about 6 hours, but only knew the answers to 3 of the questions.  Stupid biology.  I shall never be a scientist.

So today, having absolutely no homework, I came home to find the house empty.  As any sane person would do, I played the piano as loud as I could.  I might have sang a little as well.  Then I realized that I actually did have some homework for English.  Check it out.

If all homework was making things like "Coats of Arms", that would just be fantastic.  You see, we had to do a quote about revenge, and I, being a person who doesn't like to try, came up with "Revenge is like applesauce" and "Revenge is fun".  I think that it is supposed to be against revenge, but do I care?  Not at all.  I kind of want this poster sized in my room.

Then I was like, "What the crap am I going to blog about today?"  Because, you see, its rather hard to decide sometimes.  Then I got thinking about what we did in English class last year, and BEHOLD!  This is what happened.

In English last year, we made these "Wordle" things (It is actually really fun, try it out here when you get bored).  So I decided to make one of all the words in my blog.  That's right, folks, this is my vocabulary.  The bigger the word, the more I use it.  I didn't realize how much I use the word "like".  I guess I should, like, cut that out.

Anyway, I should probably go mentally prepare myself for the choir concert tomorrow.  Maybe I will meditate or something.  Or maybe I will just go eat some seaweed.

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