Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why My Hair Is So Long

As you may have noticed, my hair is quite long.  I don't know why you keep your hair the length that is is, but I have some reasons on why my hair is so long.

It Keeps Me Warm
This is the ultimate, number one reason why my hair is so long.  I always complain about being cold, and one day my brother said, "Sis, you are always 20 degrees colder than everyone."  Once he said it, I knew it was true.  Luckily, whenever I am cold, my hair is there like a thick brown blanket to keep me warm.

On The Go Weapon
  My hair is also used as a school appropriate weapon.  As this slightly disturbing picture shows, whenever I feel like being somewhat unkind, I just have to whip my hair into anyone(within hair length distance of course)'s face.

It Flows Rather Nicely In The Wind
Maybe I'll be a mermaid when I grow up.

To Hide
Oh hey look, it is someone that I don't want to socialize with at the moment.  Let me just hide behind my hair.
Oh no, that kid wants to take a picture of me and I am not mentally prepared.  Let me just hide behind my hair.

It Makes A Rather Splendid Mustache
 Instantly I can transform myself into the opposite gender.  Does your friend lack long dark hair?  Not a problem, there's enough to go around.

The Back Of My Head Is Recognizable
Crap, I forgot which one is Madi..... Is she the girl with the backpack or the boy with the green shirt?  Oh yeah, she has long brown hair.  She must be the one in the black shirt.

I plan on keeping my hair long for a long time.  Maybe I will be one of those grandmas with floor length hair.  That would be interesting.  Anyway, maybe this has inspired you to grow long hair of your own.  But probably not.   


Anonymous said...

Great post. I think you have a great perspective of yourself. My hair is thick like yours. I'm a married guy a couple years older and mine is about knee length. My favorite things for the long hair seem to be in line with yours. It's easy for people to pick ne out from the back because how many guys have a built in brown, blanket draped from their head. It's so warm in the cold and on long runs outside. Keep up the good work.

Madi Riye said...

Your story is truly inspiring - thanks for sharing!

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