Sunday, December 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn (Or My Sanity)

Warning: Hardcore Twilight fans should probably not read this post.

Every time a Twilight movie comes out, my mum and I go see it way after the release date.  Mostly so that we don't see anyone that we know there.  Also so that all the hardcore fans will have already seen it, so the people at the movie with us won't be too infuriated with my frequent sarcastic comments.

So we went last night, and just as expected, five seconds into the show and Jacob has already got his shirt off.  But actually, moments of him being shirtless were fewer than I had anticipated.  Probably because they didn't want us to notice the "Made In China" in fine print on his abs.

Throughout the whole movie, I was thinking, Why the crap would Edward even like Bella?  She is such a buzz kill.  Like, even at her own wedding she didn't smile.  At all.  She turned every situation in to a very awkward one.  This picture pretty much sums it up.

Not to mention, her wedding dress was awkward as well.  I couldn't decide if it was from the future or the past.

The whole thing was ridiculous.  Especially when the wolves communicated telepathically.  I felt like I was playing a poorly made video game where you had to defeat the evil sorcerer who is trying to kill all the mage's dogs or something. 

Of course, there were a few things that I liked about the movie.  Like when it showed a very large pile of bloody, dead bodies.  It was funny.

I also liked it when this guy showed up.

I also applaud the makeup people, they succeeded in making Kristen Stewart into a perfectly legitimate corpse, even when she wasn't supposed to be dead.

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