Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite Moments Of The Week

When I saw my new baby cousin, Desmond.

When my friend told me that half of a person's face is more manly than the other.

When four different people licked my shoe for no apparent reason. (I guess thats not really one of my FAVORITE moments, but it still made me laugh.)

When Jeff and I victoriously made it into the school play (Bye Bye Birdie).  Jeff even got a lead!

When we thought we saw a vampire but it ended up just being a guy wearing girl's pants.

When Kylee and I went to a white elephant party and gave away these dolls.  They really freaked everyone out, it was awesome.


Trudy said...

Congratulations on getting into the play. Dad and I are so proud of you!

emcrump said...

Hey! I just bought a snow globe with a baby clown in it for a white elephant party.

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