Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorites Of The Week

This Movie
 Kylee hosted another Movie Night last night, but didn't have any movies.  Luckily I had one, it was some old barbie movie that I used to love.  Jeff didn't like it as much as we thought he would.

This Kid
While Kylee and I were shopping for food for the movie night, some kid kept shooting us.  Neither of us know who he is, but Kylee took some undercover pictures.

Posse Palates
Not only did we watch an inspirational Barbie movie, I brought a palates movie that we did.
The Completion Of This Dress
 This is my costume for the school play (well, minus the fuzzy blue socks), and it took my grandma and me three days to make it, so you can imagine how happy I am that it is done (like the eggplants?).

How Giant A Guitar Is On Jeff
 Jeff got a guitar for Christmas, and he was trying to show us what he learned on Kylee's guitar.  We laughed at him, because he is approximately the size of a guitar himself.

Leanne's Ability To Visit Us Again
Leanne was able to come to Movie Night! 

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