Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Away With The Pink


On Sunday I decided that I have had enough of this living in a pink room thing.  I don't really like pink that much, I haven't for quite a while actually.  However, for reasons unknown (oh, except that I was the girliest little girl ever), my room was filled with pink.

 Imagine this without all the people (I know it is a really creepy picture).

So I told my mum that we should change it, and she was like, "Okay" (that was easy)

So on Monday we got an early start (noon, to be exact), and we were done with redoing my room by midnight.  And for a 12 hour project, I think it looks pretty good.

We used chairs that we found at my great grandma's house, so they are really old, therefore, really cool.

I really love this corner because it has some of my favorite things (my bamboo, electric guitar, bow, zen garden, and guitar poster).  This drawer thing was downstairs, and it looks awesome.  Unfortunately, because of it, there is no room for my keyboard, bookshelf, and my really awesome bulletin board.  Dang ye small room.  I also got rid of all the things that were hanging from my ceiling for unrelated reasons.

There is no way that I would not display my books, so I shoved them all on my desk.  And my guitar is right by the door, in case of emergencies.  I should probably find a more attractive garbage can, though.  And maybe a clock that actually works.

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