Sunday, December 25, 2011

Funny Gifts That I Got

Goats In Trees
Chanel got me one of the greatest objects of all time.  That's right, ladies and gentlemen, she got me "Goats In Trees", the calendar (featured in this post).  It looks great in my room.  She also attached a very entertaining review that someone wrote about it.

My Glasses
Jeff made me a very fantastic sculpture.  What is it?  Why, my favorite thing of course.  My glasses.
Casual Henley
Why are my friends so hilarious?  Kylee got me a casual henley.  I laughed really hard when I opened it.  We just find casual henleys to be really funny, and neither of us really know why.  Its probably all in the name.  Oh, and our friend has one that people casually look down.  Casually.

Yellow Tights
 Remember my yellow tights?  Unfortunately they got a huge hole in them after the first time I wore them.  But my mum, being rather fantastic, remembered how much I love looking like a diseased person, and got me some more!  I am so excited to wear them.

...Whatever This Is
Seiji was so excited to give me what he got me, he thought it would be absolutely hilarious.  When I opened it, he was practically dying of laughter.  It kind of seemed like a thing a normal brother would get a normal sister.  The I remembered how manly I am and laughed as well.

Pajamas With Built In Monkeys
 Oh man.  I told my mum to get me these, and she did not forget.  They actually are not as comfortable as they may seem, though, because when your stomach is itchy, it is rather hard to get to.

Anyway, I hope that you all have had a great Christmas!  I most definitely did. 

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