Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How All Men Should Dress

Are you a dude that is not stylish?  Do you think to yourself I wish I dressed cooler every day of your life?  Well don't worry, with the help of my more stylish dude friends, you too can be a fashionable fashion guru.

Lettuce start with the shoes.  These, oh yes.  Heck yes.
More examples:
TOMS, yes.
Converses, sure, as long as they are not abnormally colored (brown, black, or gray preferred)
Reeboks, DON'T YOU DARE.

You see, I feel rather strongly about shoes.  As you can tell, I am much against what I call "fat" shoes, like skater dude shoes.  Of course, the best shoes are no shoes at all, but during these cold winter months, that might result in some feet issues.

Well done, your sweater is Madi approved.
Men, sweaters are great choices.  Especially V-necks.  And they are not hard to come by, just ask your mum or grandma if they have any old sweaters (mums and grandmas keep everything), and I am sure they can hook you up.  If not, local thrift stores could be the answer.

Cardigans are pretty much my favorite things ever.  What makes them even better is when dudes wear them.  Everyone should own at least one of these beauties, I believe.  Even if you have to shop in the womens section to find one, it is worth it.  I promise.

 Scarfs are not just for gay men, boys.  Oh no.  Perfectly straight men like such can pull them off as well, and they definitely should.

Oh what a splendid scarf you have on.  What?  You made it?
My friends, do not be afraid to wear a scarf that you made just for fun to school.  Also, do not be afraid to wear that lovely cardigan.  As Ethan said when he wore this, "My sister said that if you act confident, everyone will think it is normal."
Well said, chick that I have never met but I know has a pretty decent taste in music due to the fact that Ethan has her music on his Ipod.

So there are some acceptable things to wear in public.  Other appropriate things would be band t-shirts (only good bands of course), "casual henleys" (I love saying that), blazers, cool hats, formal vests, a guitar, nice hair, ect. (the list could go on and on)

If stuck, I suggest you refer to the movie "Newsies", and dress like those kids.

Or to "Bye Bye Birdie", I am really diggin' those outfits.

Man.  If anyone could find me a yellow cardigan like that, I would love them forever.

And, if you sing, DOUBLE POINTS.

So there you have it.  Of course, you may have noticed that the majority of the male population does not dress like this, unfortunately.  I assume that is in fear that people like my brother will tell them to punch themselves in the face. 

And of course, if you choose to wear basketball shorts, long socks, horrendous shoes, and jerseys every day, I won't stop you.  I probably won't talk you you either, though.

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