Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Feel Me Too

Good day everyone.  Make your day even better by watching this.

Yes, sometimes I do that glasses thing when an attractive man passes by

New Girl!  This is my most favorite show of all time, and when I saw the feeling stick in episode four, I knew I had to make one.  So a few weeks ago, I did!  Travel size, of course.

Well, today I decided to stick it in my backpack and save it for just the right moment.  But while Jeff was digging my camera out of my backpack to take a picture, he found it. 

So all throughout our next class (choir), Jeff babysat the stick (not very well, might I add, a ton of kids stole it).

We also took it to lunch.

 So what did we do with the stick?  Well, not much really, just passed it around during our normal conversations.  Most of our sentences started with "I feel".

If you ever are feeling a feeling, but you are too scared to voice your feeling, I suggest that you make yourself a feeling stick as soon as possible.  Nothing increases your confidence more than holding a stick that looks like it was decorated by a kindergartner.

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