Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Like Choir More Than I Like You

Today I went to choir for flex, unaware that my creativity would soon be needed.  I looked upon the whiteboard, and some very boring ideas for this year's choir shirts.  Being an expert T-shirt maker, I came up with this idea.

Pretty great, eh?  Chanel decided to contribute, despite the fact that she isn't even in choir.

We showed these to our choir teacher, and she thought that they were incredibly stupid (even though she was laughing really hard).  She let us enter them anyway, and accidentally gave us another idea.

 Haha.. get it?

So tomorrow the choir gets to vote on which one we want, and being a large group of very immature children, one of these will probably win.  I kind of hope its Chanel's "hit the note" one.

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