Friday, December 2, 2011

My Asian "Cousin"

Remember that I am a girl with many heroes (refresh your memory here).  Though many of my heroes are people on TV or my IPod, I do have some reasonable heroes.  Probably the one I look up to most (literally, she is actually taller than me!) is one of my very best friends, Leanne.  And guess what?  Her birthday is today.

There are so many great things about her.  She is not afraid to be herself at all!  She often breaks out in song, which would probably be annoying if anyone else did it.  But when Leanne sings, it is just hilariously awesome (she has a beautiful voice).  She has also got some spectacular dance moves up her sleeve.

She is so chill and does whatever she wants, not caring what other people think about her.  Like when she doesn't feel like wearing pants, she doesn't.  When she wants to sit in a toy bin and make weird sound effects, she does.

She is also very smart.  Very smart.  But that should be expected, with her being Asian and all.  Not only that, she runs as well!  We were on track together.  We would often sing songs from various musicals while warming up.

We met quite a long time ago, 5th grade to be exact.  Where?  The smart kid's class (A.L.L.), of course.  (See us there on the left)

My point is, Leanne, I love you a lot.  Everyone back at home misses you so much, especially me.  I hope you have had an awesome birthday!  Next time I see you, you will be greeted with a hug.  Make that an octopus hug.

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