Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh My Gosh, Josh

When I first met Josh, I thought he was absolutely insane.  Well, I still think that.  But in addition to being absolutely insane, he has become one of my favorite people in the world.

Because wherever Josh is, my friends, there is a party.  As you can see, he made an ordinary Wal-Mart trip into something less ordinary.  And sometimes we wear matching clothes.  Just for fun.

He does some pretty crazy stuff that I find rather entertaining.  Like licking some stranger's car.

Or sitting on an unsuspecting cousin of mine.

By now you are thinking Wow that kid is really weird.  And I say, yes.  Yes he is.  But that is why we love him.  In fact, I even wrote a poem about him last May.  It went something like this......

The Weirdness Of Josh

You know that strange Josh kid?
Well you wouldn't believe what he did
He's gotten kicked out of Wal-Mart 5 times
By switching around prices of limes
But that's not the least of his troubles
Like getting stuck in bubbles
Or sitting on my cousin Shawn
That kid is a true con.

 He has a thing for licking chicks
Licking anything, really, including bricks
He eats gum from under the table
Whatever you want him to do, he is able.

Rollerblading is his hobby
Like following clowns in a lobby
He really did that actually
That seems quite funny to me.

The end of this poem is coming near
In fact, I think I'll just stop here.

So that is my friend Josh, a valued member of the Posse.  We love you Josh, happy birthday!

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