Friday, December 9, 2011

Sweater Day 2? Or Tie Dye Day...

So last week posters started popping up around the school announcing an upcoming event.  That event was "Ugly Sweater Day"

Woah.  Based off Posse Sweater Day perhaps?  Or merely coincidence?  Questions with answers that we will never know (though we'd like to think the former).

But of course problems arose.  Problems such as I had already worn my most extravagant sweater this school year (I am really weird about wearing things to school more than once a year).  And I couldn't find a sufficiently "ugly" sweater at the DI (I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as an ugly sweater).  Another problem, one of my favorite teachers told me to wear a tie dye shirt that I made that one day on the exact same day.  What a dilemma!

But of course, being quite the genius, I went to my Grandma's house and located a sweater vest that my great grandma made.  I stuck it over my tie dye shirt and VIOLA!  My problem was solved. 

TWO of my favorite teachers in tie dye shirts.  Oooooooh.

Sufficiently "ugly sweater outfit", eh?

I saw many attractive sweaters today, but the best one for sure was Ethan's.  

"Barack'n around the Christmas tree"

Oh man.  When I first heard about this sweater I literally cried it was so hilarious.  We have been begging him to wear it for a long time now.  His mom made it for a work party, and I seriously think that she should mass produce these.  I would pay a lot of money for one. 

So that was the school wide sweater day.  It was pretty great, I suppose, Ethan got into the school news!  Though I still believe that the original sweater day that I had planned was more interesting.

Though I must say, Liza's sweatshirt was pretty happenin'.

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