Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

What a person says doesn't bother me, because I usually choose to ignore it, but how they say it is what affects me.  So in this post I am going to address some of the most annoying of techniques so that you can improve as a human being.

1. Saying "Meh" Instead Of "Me"
NO NO NO NO NO.  It is ME, my friends.  Like, sure, I am all for using "meh" as a grunt of frustration, or with an indecisive shrug, but in the place of "me"?  That is MOST unsophisticated, my friends.

2. "Shhhh"ing People
NOTHING is more annoying than that overly dramatic "SHHHH" people make when wanting silence.  Like, who says that "shh" means to be quiet?!  It doesn't even make sense!  Not to mention, whenever somebody does it, I want to steal their cran-grape juice or something (thats the worst thing I can think of).  What are you supposed to say instead?  Try one of these.

Shut up.
Hush, my love.
The sound of you is rather irritating, and I would be quite happy if it ceased to exist.
Quiet, my friends
*Insert punch in the face here*

3. LOL!
Oh gosh.  Get out of 3rd grade, man.  Saying LOL is UNACCEPTABLE in EVERY circumstance. 

4. Ttttyyyypppiiiiinnnnggg Llllliiiiikkkeeee Tttthhhhiiiiis
Please, fellow Facebookers, doing this does not get your point across any better or make you sound intelligent.  I cannot comprehend why people would do such a thing, yet it is so common.  I suppose it is just a dark force inside them that forces its way out in the form of annoying typing disorders. 

So those are just a few of the most annoying vocabulary.... things.  There are many more, actually, in which I will reveal to you in a blog post I will do eventually, "Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary Part 2"

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