Sunday, October 2, 2011

About Me

Hey, I am Madison Riye (but please call me Madi), and I absolutely love my life.  

I am 14 years old and half Japanese.  I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I love my friends a lot, and spend a lot of time with them.  I also love to spend time with my family, and I consider my brother to be one of my best friends.

My favorite thing in this life is music.  There is nothing that I like better than playing piano for long periods of time.  I spend all the time that I'm not at the piano playing guitar or singing.  Mostly singing.  I always have a song stuck in my head that I am not afraid to sing in any situation.
I am also constantly listening to music.  Music is always playing in my room, and I take my IPod wherever I go.  I have a ton of favorite bands, and I love to associate with anyone that has the same taste in music as me.

I am not really into any sports except for running and archery.

When I run, I get really happy for no apparent reason.  Maybe its that "runner's high" that people talk about.  I don't know.  But most of my "running partners" have been confused at my smile of joy that I have while running.

Archery is just so cool.  So I do it.  Really, I love any kind of weapon.  I sleep with throwing knives next to my bed.

I love anything old fashioned or vintage.

I love reading science fiction and fantasy books.

I am a shopaholic.

I would very much prefer to walk or bike places than to ride in a car.

So pretty much you know everything about me now, so please, enjoy my blog.

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