Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Nerdy Things I Like To Do: A Guest Post From Chanel

Hey guys.  With no ideas of what to post, today I have turned my blog over to my trusted best friend, Chanel (of The Tall Tells of a Short Girl).  Just for the day.

Enjoy this guest blog post. (And, if you are willing to do a guest blog post, please let me know!  I would seriously love it if you did)

What I like to do in my free time.

     Well, as many of you know I, Chanel, am a very strange person who has too much free time.
One of my favorite things to do is draw, play video games, read books, listen to foreign music and learn foreign languages. Today I will talk about them because I frankly do not know what to talk about. 

Drawing-  I am a person who loves to draw anime/manga and lots of people think that's weird.  WELL PUT UP WITH IT.  If you do not know what anime/manga is then let me inform you about this Japanese art style. Some of my favorite artists on Deviant art (a noobs drawing site to express there art talent and get show it to the world).

First of my BFF's who are artists on this site:
Sami Arrington:
Megan Durrant:

Some of non real friends that I wish I could draw like:

Yupp.Those are some of my favorite artists. I would give you my link to my art page but it's all ...old art.

NEXT... Is my favorite Video games.
I have grown up with video games and I love playing them. At my house we have 5 Xbox 360s', 2 Dsi's, 3Ds, a Wii, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy SP and a PS3.

My favorite Xbox games are... to be honest I don't care for Xbox games, but if I had to choose my favorite xbox games it would be Portal and Star Wars: Knights of the Republic.

  Portal is such a great game who doesn't like games were you make portals and go in one and come out the other.  WHY IS IT SO FUN?
   Also I have played Star Wars: Knights of the Republic probably like 5 times through *facepalm* I really love it because it's like a role-playing game and you can be a Sith Jedi or a good Jedi. For those who have not seen Star Wars let's have a marathon, please?

For my favorite Wii games I only have one and that would be Super Paper Mario. Mainly because IT IS SO ADORABLE~

I mean look at that Art Style and even the storyline is superb!

Okay I can do Ds and Gameboy in one round MHM. All around my favorite games for Ds/Gameboy would have to Pokemon. I in total own month 14 Pokemon games.

 Another game series I really love is RuneFactory, which is pretty much like Harvest Moon. If you don't know what Harvest Moon is then your not a real gamer. Or a gamer in all in fact.

I don't have this Rune Factory yet but I'm getting it for Christmas...or I better get it for Christmas.

NEXT... Books I love.
I really really love books. Like a lot.  My favorite genre of book is Romantic Literature in the Past usually with someone dying.

Such as Book Thief or These is my Words.  They were so good and so depressing at the same time.
I won't tell you anything about them because I want you to read them and discover the wonderfulness of these books for yourself.  Plus doesn't that book cover look appetizing?

NEXT... I really love to find and listen to foreign music.  Yeah it's weird but I like it as well as my English music and it truly is satisfactory when you recognize one word out of the whole song. You shout" OH ME GOODNESS!" because you just realized that you were understanding another language. At least that is how it is for me.
Let me share some bands with you in assorted languages. Such as Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

This is Mecano and yes I realize this video is totally ridiculous and that is one reason i posted it.  But the main reason is because I love this band, I grew up with it, How touching.

This is Kanon Wakeshima she is a brillant Celloist and she is dang pretty too. Dats' right. She was my first Japanese artist that I have listened to and I still quite enjoy her.
I was to lazy to put anymore videos but some other bands that I love are Ikimono Gakari, Perfume, AKB48, Gackt, Black Acid Cherry, t.A.t.U and more.  I doubt any of you really liked those songs but that's okay because if you like it you like it and if not...I'll try to forgive you.

Anyway that's all I'm going to say, because I don't want to type any more.

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