Saturday, November 24, 2012

Favorites Of The Week

We added some quality decorations to John's room.

Then we watched some quality TV in his basement.

 With no school, we decided to have a Lord Of The Rings marathon!  In preparation for The Hobbit, of course, which comes out quite soon indeed.

We decided to get one more fire in before the weather gets too cold for such festivities

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we use my great-grandma Lucille's glasses.  But guess what?  She didn't buy them for the cups, but for the peanut butter that came inside.  That's right-peanut butter used to be sold in these pretty cups!

With Thanksgiving over, guess it's time to prepare for Christmas.  That's what we did yesterday at Chanel's!

We also checked out some outlets that opened up near us.  They sucked.

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