Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorites Of The Week

Okay, okay, so I know that this post is way too early.  But please, let me explain.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for California with the cross country team, so the next four days of my life will be severely altered.  Therefore, I must deliver my 'favorites' to you now, so that I can save the posts over California, for California alone.  Got it?  Let's begin!

Liam is super adorable.  I loaf him.

Chanel wears cat ears when she puts on her make-up...

Jeff and I are going to buy this house.  Okay, not really, but we can dream, right?

Liam stole my camera and took a lot of pictures.  You don't get to see them, though.  They're too...quality.

All of my little Asian cousins are crazy!  And so much fun!

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