Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys.  I don't really know where I'm going with this post, but I have a faint idea.

As I'm sure you know, it is Thanksgiving today.  Usually Thanksgiving doesn't mean much to me, but I've been through so much this past year, I actually made it a point to be extra-grateful today for the things that I have.

Probably what I am grateful for most is my family.  Especially these two women:

Yup, my mum and my grandma!  My whole life they have always been there when I needed someone to talk to, and they always understand me.  They are also the best support system anyone could ever have!  They make my dreams seem achievable and will help me with anything.  I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

Of course, I am also grateful for my friends:

Chanel's face in this picture = tears of joy

Not all of them were pictured above, but you get my point.  I am incredibly grateful to have so many great friends!  All of them support me in my strange ways, and just make me happy overall.  The best thing about my friends is that we are drama-free.  Yup, no back stabbing, gossiping, or lying going on.  We are just honest and straight-forward with each other, which, believe me, makes life a whole lot easier.  I am so lucky to have them, and would do anything for them.

Being the Utah Mormon that I am, I am grateful for the gospel:

My mum and I at the Logan temple

I am so grateful that my mum raised my brother and me in the LDS church.  I have known my whole life that God is there, that he loves us, and wants us to be happy. That knowledge can help me through anything.  I am also grateful for the power of prayer.  And of course, for the scriptures.

I am grateful for this planet we live on:

Photographer: Jeff!

We live in a beautiful world, we really do.  It can be, and often is, a terrible place, but it is so wonderful at the same time!  More specifically I am grateful for living here in Utah, where it is easy for me to surround myself with friends that have good standards.  It's also a really beautiful state.  I'm grateful for my grandpa, who takes me on road trips to explore it!

Well that is all I can think of on the spot.  I hope that you have had a happy thanksgiving!  But, as I learned today, you might as well spend every day as grateful as you pretend to be on this day.  If you do that, I promise you will be happier!

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."
– Denis Waitley

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Trudy said...

This post made me cry...(tears of joy, of course!) Heavenly Father really blessed me when he allowed me to be your mom. You are a wonderful daughter. The best there is! I love you.

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