Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How To Decorate Your Phone With... Birds!

You may or may not know this, but my phone has some quality birds on the back.

Haha.  As you can see, I am no great artist.  They almost look like poorly drawn sea creatures.  Anyhow, I think they look pretty, and other people must, because I am often asked how this was done.

Well no worries!  Using my mum's old phone as a model, I am now going to teach each and every one of you how to have a unique cellular device of your own.  It's so easy.

Start with these things:

A phone (make sure the back is nice and clean)
Clear nail polish
A gel-pen (the higher the quality, the less frustration you shall have)

Now, with the gel pen, you must draw on your phone.  I drew birds, but of course you can draw anything from lawn mowers to goats.  And don't worry, if you mess up, the gel-pen comes off super easy with some spit water.

Once you have them all drawn, it is time to rip out that clear nail polish.  And.....paint your phone!

Perfect.  Once it is dry...you are done!  Super simple, right?

Also, it holds up really rather well.  My birds have been on for almost a year and look the same as the day I painted it! (Well, except for the parts that are scratched off of the corners, but that is because I drop my phone a lot.)

Hope you have been inspired.  Now I am going to go pretend I have something to do, bye!

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