Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Noah's Beautiful Taste In Music. And Cats In Hats.

Ni hao!  Today I am dedicating a post to Mr. Noah.

Why, you ask?  Well, every now and then he texts me suggesting a new band to look up.  I very much appreciate it.  You see, I respect Noah's taste in music above all.  Never have I met anyone with such a similar taste (to mine).  It's pretty convenient.

He actually was the one who introduced me to perhaps my second most favorite band EVER.  Yes, that would be Barcelona.  He has also introduced me to a plethora of other bands, which I am much too tired to mention.

I am also dedicating this post to 'that band'

It's actually because of 'that band' (Anchor & Braille) that I am even writing this post.  The other day in Chinese he worked on a wonderful new addition to my notebook.

It's kind of a beautiful addition.  Anyway.  I finally got around to looking up that certain band.  And of course, it is perfect.

I thanked him, and he replied with, "I EXPECT A BLOG POST DEDICATED TO ME, THAT BAND, AND CATS IN HATS".

Well then.

So I also dedicate this post to cats in hats.

I shouldn't be allowed to blog this late at night.  I think I'm going crazy.

Have a good one!

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