Friday, November 9, 2012

Sweater Day 2012

Hey guys!  I'm sure you remember sweater day 2011, right?

It is an annual thing now.  November 10th!  Except...we had to celebrate it one day early, because the 10th is on a Saturday this year, and what's the fun of wearing a fantastic sweater when you are just going to be sitting around home all day?

So was sweater day.

Good sweaters this year, yes?  I'm a super huge fan of Jeff's.  And of course, I love my sweater so much, I had to wear the same one that I did last year.

You are right, John is wearing the sweater that Kylee wore last year.  She was too afraid to wear it now that we go to HIGH SCHOOL.  Haha.  So yeah, he was wearing a woman's sweater all day was really funny.  He said that he felt like a hipster, so he put on my glasses to add to the effect.

We celebrated throughout all of our classes.

Haha.  Yeah.  There isn't much to say about this holiday...but it was definitely a good one!  Remember to celebrate next year!  But it will be on the 11th..... (even though I know you want to wear a crazy sweater to church)

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