Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trip To California With The Cross Country Team!

Like I mentioned last night, the cross country team went to California!

(Of course, if I really did post this post on the day that it says I did, well, that would be impossible....So here I am, let me be honest with you, on the 3rd of December, here to recall the trip to the west that went on between November 29 and December 2.)

Lettuce begin.

First of all, we went on a very long drive that lasted all day.  For you see, California is very far away from Utah.  At one point we stopped and went on a run in St. George.  More on that later.

Eventually we got there, Thursday night.  We checked into our hotel, which was much more fancy than any high school team deserves!

Yes, I got to share a room with those babes pictured above!  The freshmen.  Man, they are adorable, I really like them a lot, and good thing too!

By then, it was time to sleep.  So sleep we did!  We woke up to the most beautiful morning....

This was the view outside our window.  I was in love.

We headed to the place where we would race the next day to pick up our shirts and stuff.  We seriously waited in line for two hours.  Luckily the weather was so beautiful, I didn't mind.  And just hanging out with my friends is always fun!

I don't think Stewart was having quite that much fun....

After that, we went on a run, and then went on a long drive to L.A. where we went to some sweet museum of....something...

The next day....

The meet!  (Of course, the reason we went to California was for Footlocker, an apparently popular race.  Well, that's the reason coach took us.  I just went because I like to travel...)

The meet went surprisingly well.  With the gorgeous weather, I was totally fine with running my guts out.  And it is a lot easier to breath there in California.  The course had a lot of steep hills, but whatever.  I actually got a time that I would have during the season, which is surprising considering that I haven't really trained since regions (except for every other day in conditioning, that is...)

After the meet came the moment we all had been waiting for.  The beach!

Unfortunately I didn't really get any great pictures at the beach...  I was too busy getting soaking wet!  That must have been quite a sight, a girl walking straight into the ocean wearing a vintage dress.  Yes, I was freezing after that, thank you for asking.  Then I remembered that I was wearing a swimsuit under my dress *facepalm*  But I don't really regret it, it was a happy time.

The beach was in Santa Monica.  They had this sweet pier where there were roller coasters and restaurants and things.  But I didn't spend much time there.  I preferred staring at the ocean.


And all.  Yes.  The next day was spent traveling home....

I wish I was still there.

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