Wednesday, December 12, 2012

14,000 Things To Be Happy About

One fateful day, John and I were going through books in a library, when we came across this bad boy....

For some reason it made us really mad.  Really mad.  Who in the world would take the time to read pages and pages of a freakin' long list?  And who in the world would benefit from doing so?  We decided that the only person who would benefit from this book is the person who wrote it.

Now you see, sometimes it is hard for John and I to be happy.  We try, we really do.  So we decided that we should write a much more interesting version, that applies to us!  So...this was born:

Yes.  We have been working on it for....maybe a month now?  Probably not even that long.

We pass it back and forth all the time, and today was a momentous occasion!  Why?  We reached 500 things!  In celebration, we decided to get a really awkward picture.

1/28th of the way there, my friends!  WE ARE TAKING CHARGE OF OUR OWN HAPPINESS!

Before we depart, I suppose I should give you a little sample of what is going on in these pages...

84. The dead animal on Kylee's cousin's face (referring to his beard)
209. Putting things in people's mouths while they are yawning
229. Nathan and his thighs
260. Singing Death Cab around a campfire in the middle of the night (why yes, that did happen)
384. Coach G. Short spreadin' the word of P90X
480. When you see people do stupid things and they don't know you saw

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