Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Before we begin, let me complain for a bit.  You can skip this part if you want.  But I just need to complain that I have been sick since Saturday and it SUCKS.  Like, I'm not deathly ill or anything.  Just my usual, miserable, hardcore cold-type thing that I get whenever the season changes.  It was really bad on Saturday, I pretty much slept the whole day.  I was doing a lot better on Sunday and Monday, but today I feel probably even worse than I did on Saturday.  I pretty much slept the whole day today, too.  This is most inconvenient because 1. It is Christmas [and] 2. I was totally going to go see Les Mis today with my parents!  (Luckily my friends and I have planned to see it Thursday, so at least I'll be able to see it then...)

So yeah.  I'm sick.  But I shall blog on as usual!

Have you ever wondered what Christmas time is like for a 15 year old half-Japanese LDS Utahn who is also a runner, thrifter, and seaweed-eater?  Well you are about to find out!

First comes Christmas Eve, when we go to my Grandma Rogers house!  It is always a lot of fun.  We eat delicious food and hang out some.  Then we go on a hay ride where we (try to) sing Christmas carols as we deliver gifts to her neighbors!

After that we do some quality present opening.  It's really fun because each kid is in charge of another kid's present (we drew names a few months ago).  It's quite entertaining being one of the three teenagers amongst about 46 little kids (don't worry, 46 is an exaggeration, but they sure are as loud as a group of kids of that number).

All he wanted this year: a penguin 'Dream Light'
All he wanted this year: 'things that were actually useful'

 Then after the Christmas Eve extravaganza, we go home and open up quality presents that are never a surprise.  Pajamas, of course!  I mean, what family doesn't have that tradition?  It's a lot of fun, though.

Then...we play games or watch a movie, then go to bed.  Haha, Seiji and I used to sleep on our parent's floor on the night before Christmas.  But nowadays he and I just switch beds.  We don't really know why...but at the same time, how does one expect to sleep normally on such an abnormal night?

The next morning we sleep in until about 10 or so.  Our parents usually have to wake us up.  Then it is time for presents!

Even Shakee gets presents on Christmas morning!  Then for the rest of the day we sit around and do nothing until the evening, when we go to my Grandma Shiba's for dinner and presents

Aaaaannnnd there you have it!  Christmas in the shoes of this particular Madi Riye.  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I know that I did! (Even though I felt like a zombie.)

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