Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear John...

Before I begin, let's take a moment to laugh at the title.  No, I could not resist naming this post after one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.  Like seriously, never watch it.  BUT IT HAS JOHN'S NAME IN IT!

And why is that relevant on this fine Christmas Eve?  Well, there is a very important holiday today that has nothing to do with creepy men in red suits breaking into your house.  Or at least I should hope it doesn't...

Yup, it is Johns birthday!

Lettuce begin:

Dear John,

You are my BFF.  No really, it's true.  Of course, I have a lot of BFFs, but to be honest, you understand me more than 97.2% of my friends do, so that's real nice.  Real nice.  It's great to have somebody that I can talk to that actually gets what I'm saying!  Hope you know I appreciate that.

Remember when we first became friends?  Well, before that, remember when we were on the same cross country team all of summer and I didn't know you existed?  Oh man.  Those were the days!  Haha just kidding.  But I finally did meet you in choir when you used to make fun of Jeff and Ky.  I never really thought we would become good friends, I didn't think we would have anything in common.  Then we started hanging out in conditioning...

And....well, look what happened!

We became really great friends.  We are always together!  John, you fit in so well with my little group of pengyou.  It's like you were meant to be with us from the beginning! *sniff sniff*

I mean look at you.  You are musically inclined, that is for sure!  I kind of love how you are always playing my guitar.  You play pretty songs.  Because you have a better than decent taste in music.  And you are really good at playing that magical instrument.

Awkward picture....

Also, I never knew you could play the piano so well!  But when I heard you, I was genuinely impressed.  Respect points.  You are awesome.

But you've got to look good while you play instruments, that is common knowledge.  Luckily you do not fail at that, because you take my fashion advice!  Haha, I really do appreciate that, because you know I find fashion most entertaining.

One of the greatest things about you is that you are always up for doing whatever!  I mean, we have done some pretty weird stuff.  Like that time I had all of y'all over to do my yard work.  Or to take all of my furniture downstairs.  So helpful! *yet another tear*

And of course, you are always up for doing weird things.  Like...going to awful Jr. High plays with us!  Or going to much better plays that have my friend Lincoln in them!  And going to movies at midnight!

We really do have a lot of fun.

So on this birthday of yours, my dear, I hope that it goes well.  I'm glad that you were born.  I really am.  And I am glad that I met you, especially at the time that I did.  LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER, GUUUURL.

Yup.  Well, I love you.  Our friends love you.  Mrs. Tea loves you.  Shakee loves you.  Even my party cardi loves you!  And of course, Seiji thinks that you are O.P.

Madi Riye

But wait!  We are not quite through.  In honor of your special day, our lovely friend Tyler wrote you a special poem.  Enjoy!

By: Tyler
You have legs and arms
John is what people call you
You live in a house 

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