Saturday, December 8, 2012

Favorites Of The Week

We did some quality leaf raking.  It took forever, but we had fun while we did it!  Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture.  Do not fret, though - we drew a picture of the experience!

Another experience I forgot to get a picture of - we visited Mrs. Tea, our old choir director!  It was wonderful seeing her again.  A visit with Mrs. Tea can make your day life a lot better.
John drew this lovely picture.  Even though he didn't even go to our old school.

Chanel, John and I also went to see Lincoln in A Christmas Carol!  As expected, he did wonderful.

There we ran into my old friend from EFY, Daniel!  It was so great to see him.

We had a choir concert!  I don't really know why this is being put on my 'favorites', because we did terrible (except for my soloist friends of course!)  But it was fun.
Picture stolen from John's mum (I forgot to take one again....)

Kylee got her braces off!  She looks like a hot babe (and exactly like she did when she had braces....)

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