Saturday, December 15, 2012

Favorites Of The Week

I walked into the library and this is how I found my friends.

We had a Ryan encounter!  We were innocently wandering around the school, minding our own business, when we ran into him!  We had a very quality discussion about how we are not theater kids, but he is.
I forgot to get a picture in the excitement of the moment.  I think you can tell which ones Ky and I are.  And you can see Chanel and John in the background.  And Justus, of course.

This is my friend Dayson.  He defies the norm by perching instead of normally sitting.

We celebrated my grandpa's birthday at a very fancy restaurant!  Here is a picture from my cousin Allison's Instagram, showing the event.  We spent a lot of the time at the restaurant sending creepy smile pictures to all of her friends.

Thrifting!  Unfortunately, we did not find much at all.  But it is always fun!

Why yes, I did wear my hobbit costume to school.  Wasn't that crazy though, because I didn't wear the cloak.  Guess I should have.

My friends and I learned that this video exists.  Jeff and I were practically crying with how attractive Regina is.

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